Hoping one of the Windows 8 experts out there can help.

Trying to play music from my Windows Media Player library (not Windows Media Center). This used to work flawlessly with the same router and my previous PC (Windows 7).

After launching the System Music Player app on the Xbox, the Xbox finds the PC and displays its PC name and the Windows Media Player media library name. The Xbox System Music Player app displays Album, Artist, Genre, etc. But when you select one, the Xbox eventually times out.

I've checked all the streaming options in Windows Media Player. At the Control Panel>Network and Internet>Network and Sharing Center>Media streaming options screen, the Xbox 360 icon is displayed with "Allowed access using default setting."

It gets stranger. The same Xbox 360 on the same network -- can find the videos stored on the Windows 8 PC's Windows Media Player and play those without a problem. That seems to indicate that there's not a connectivity issue.

And, adding more to the mystery, the same Xbox 360 on the same network can find another separate Windows 7 laptop on the network and stream the music from there flawlessly.

I've seen other people pointing out the inability of the Xbox 360 to stream music from Windows 8 PCs on the Xbox forums. There's been some back-and-forth of the reps there, but no answers. Also, called Xbox customer support and they were confused, too. They suggested using the "Play To" feature of Windows Media Player as a workaround.

Wondering if anyone here can reproduce the issue and possibly suggest an answer?