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Wireless connection drops when downloading updates

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    Wireless connection drops when downloading updates

    Hello everyone, i'm getting this problem in some days ago, tried alot of things to solve but without sucess

    Well, i use a usb Wireless adapter to acess the internet, and my signal is always good. The connection works fine too. But in some sites (more specifically in a flash video player that i have to use many times) and when i try to download uptades via Windows Uptade the connection just drops, and in most of times i have to disconnect the USB adapter and plug again to re-connect.

    I don't use any antivirus, any 3rd party firewalls, nothing. I skirted the updates problem downloading them from the MS site, instead of Windows Uptade, and the uptades have installed fine, but itill pisses me off. The disconnect problem happens sometimes when i try to download something via Torrent (using Bittorrent), but in these days it happens most of times in the Flash player. This don't happen in youtube, curiously.

    Please help, thank you

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    Anyone? Please help, its happening again and i'm getting problems to navigate the internet!! ):
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    Make sure you have the lasted driver for your usb wifi dongle. Then update your flash players...Java, Adobe and MS silver light to the latest versions.

    Note: personally I would stay way from those Bit torrent sites with out any AV/Firewalls...not a good idea. You're just asking to be hacked or at the very least get a nasty incurable virus that will involve a reinstall of the OS.
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    Everything's updated, still got the problem.

    It happens most of times when i use a Flash vídeo player to watch some series that i like, not in youtube.

    I rarely use Bittorrent, was just a mention that the same thing occurs when i use it.
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    I tried change my wireless channel, turn off power saving mode, everything... i guess the problem don't envolve my connection, but my W8 system..
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    Let's try this then, try unplugging your router from the AC outlet for 2 minutes then plug it back in. This should reboot the router. Then if that doesn't work try resetting the router back to factory defaults. To do this you will need a paper clip, straighten it out. Look on the back of the router...there is a tiny hole, inside the hole is the reset button, insert paper clip, push and hold down reset button until router turns off then release. This will reset the router to factory defaults. Then you will have to reset/reconfigure your log in user name and password (you don't have to on that, the default is fine...) and your wireless security and encryption your WEP, WPA, WPA2 and either turn off your SSID or leave it set to broadcast. I would recommend turning it off.
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    ok, I tried unplug - wait - plug again and reset the router, initially seems to have worked, the vídeos was loading with high speed, but soon the error appeared again. connection drops. I have to unplug/plug again the USB Wireless adapter to get my connection back. Almost there :/
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    Anyone? please ):
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Wireless connection drops when downloading updates
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