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Internet shows connected but can't do anything online

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    None whatsoever actually since the reinstall I've only installed 3 programs total

    Update on the hard wired connection while it does stop working with usage after 15-20 minutes it will start working again on its own wifi still does not I do have a USB wifi card I can try to install a little later tonight

    Ive installed a USB wifi n card and used it for an hour or so it worked fine for a while then slowed to a crawl it did stay working which is better than the internal card though but then again that's only an hour of usage compared to weeks
    OK, I've done some reading around on the Intel 4965AGN NIC, Windows 8 isn't supported as I suggest earlier and the typical complaints are that it disconnects randomly, even with the Windows update installed drivers. The USB NIC should work for you provide that you are using Windows 8 certified drivers.

    Yes there is a definite problem with that NIC and Windows 8. As I suspected this is a driver issue which isn't surprising at all considering you are two Op systems removed from Vista on this machine. Intel provides no updated drivers for this NIC.

    The only fix I could find for the Intel 4965AGN NIC was to go into Device Manager, then to Network Adaptors, open up the properties and choose the Advanced tab, there should be a setting for 802.11n mode, you need to disable the N mode it in order to stabilize this adaptor which I assume means you can only use this adaptor with wireless G but not N.

    This exact fix is listed numerous times around the Internet and it's the only working solution for this problem.

    You can also disable the power saving option when you are there.

    Source: Intel(R) Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN Driver for Windows 8

    Connection dropouts using Intel 4965AGN Network Adapter - Microsoft Community

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    20 minutes going strong it almost seems like it is actually working faster than it ever has before 'g' is fine for me range has never been much of an issue especially since i was using a 'g' router until a week ago when i upgraded to a new 'n'
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    ok it slowed down to a near stop but never fully stopped and after about 20 minutes it started working good again about the same issue that i have with the hardwired connection but it still stayed working if i just have to deal with slow periods at times i can live with that

    and @Scanyland i have several wifi devices in my house all seem to work fine with no issues at all including this laptop before win8 was installed

    @chev65 the external wifi card i installed is windows 7 compatible but i had before windows 8 was released id rather use the internal if possible and appreciate your posts to get it working i foresee if i try to use the external wifi card in a usb port ill end up breaking that usb port im fairly hard on my laptop kinda surprised its survived me this long

    i think this is as close to solved as im gonna get until maybe a service pack update but even if this is as good as its gonna get its usable again thanks to all who took the time to post and research my problem
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Internet shows connected but can't do anything online
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