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Cannot see One W8 computer on Network from ONE machine

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    Cannot see One W8 computer on Network from ONE machine

    Hi there
    All 3 computers running W8 enterprise X-64 BROWNBEAR, BLACKDOG, GREYFOX. Same level of updates to each machine. All 3 machines are Physical machines (not a VM for example). Same Workgroup as well -- same main username, account privilege level (admin) and password on each too.

    BROWNBEAR and BLACKDOG can see all 3 machines on LAN (Local LAN).

    GREYFOX can only see BROWNBEAR (and of course GREYFOX) although PING to BLACKDOG works and network drives can be connected via typing the LAN address (\\\G) for example. It fails on \\BLACKDOG\G.

    Re-booted and re-jigged but can't see what the difference is between GREYFOX and the rest. All the security policies etc identical.

    I NEVER have this problem with Linux networking -- seems Windows Networking STILL doesn't always work OOB.

    Any suggestions -- I don't want to have to connect manually via this trick as eventually I'll want to REMOTELY access these computers.

    Most windows problems seem solvable but Networking always seems to throw up some stupid snag.


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    Well, I can mostly only be sympathetic. Know how you feel about Windows sharing. Similar to your linux experience I never have trouble with Macs--even to and from Windows.

    I always get things to work with Windows, but sometimes don't know what I did to get them working. Don't have any smart solutions. OK, try something dumb; try turning password protected sharing on--at least on the two problem machines (as a read you, your problem is between only two specific machines and in only one direction). You might need to use a user name and password the first time between the two problem machines--and then never again. And, on the two problem machines, you could try assigning a unique user name and password, say, to the one that can't be connected to. Again, the first time, the user names and passwords might need to be used and, then, maybe, never again. Everything is fair in love, war, and Windows sharing.
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    I recently had a similar problem where the entire Library from one machine would eventually disappear from view on a regular basis, the Workgroup icons were still there, just the Library folders from that one machine would vanish and it would say that machine is not accessable. I thought for sure it was my A/P but I should have known better.

    It turned out to be a problem with the hard drive on that machine. Apparently old weak hard drives can make networking icons randomly vanish, even if they appear on start up.

    I have no idea if this relates to your case Jimbo, but workgroup machines always seem to show up for me.

    It may help to change the workgroup name on the problem machine to something different like Workgroup1, then change it back to the common Workgroup name and see if anything changes.

    It might also help to toggle between network locations, change from Home to Work again one or twice, this toggling sometimes fixes problems.

    Network Location - Set as Home, Work, or Public Network - Windows 7 Help Forums
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    And, adding, on Jimbo45. chev65 mentioned HomeGroup. Some people avoid HomeGroup--maybe you. You might try setting up a HomeGroup for all of your machines or just the two "problem" ones.
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Cannot see One W8 computer on Network from ONE machine
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