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dns resolver not working

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    PCLinuxOS (now); problem with Windows 8

    dns resolver not working

    I downloaded Win 8 based on XP on the machine--not this one--in December, but just installed it a few days ago.
    Win 8 is 32-bit. Apparently the machine does not have the proper BIOS lines for 64 bit. When I registered all the machine information was listed, but if the reader needs it again, please advise.
    A couple of times I managed to reach the Internet, but mostly--and now, consistently--I can't. Most of the time,
    but not all the time, I can ping the Internet server by its dns address, but not by name, and therefore, I cannot
    use a browser or anything. I have gone thru all the various "help" functions that the OS offers, and the result
    is that the dns resolver is not working.
    Additional information not in the sign-up sheet: Internet connects to cable modem SBV5222 (Motorola) thru a
    D-Link DIR-632 router. The computer on which Win 8 is installed dual-boots to PCLinuxOs, which has no trouble
    connecting to the Internet.
    For what it's worth, if anything, this machine, on the same network, runs Win 7-64 without a problem, but the dual-boot installation of PCLinuxOs64 a few days ago also has a dns resolver problem. This machine uses different hardware from the other machine on which I'm trying to get Win 8 to work.

    All assistance gratefully appreciated. --doug

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    1. Temporarily uninstall AVG anti virus using Download tools and utilities | AVG Worldwide
    2. power cycle you D-Link router
    3. What ever browser you are using, delete all history, cache etc...
    4. Open elevated command prompt and type: ipconfig /flushdns
    5. again type: ipconfig /renew
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    PCLinuxOS (now); problem with Windows 8

    Thanx for the swift reply.
    Followed instructions exactly. The result: Still impossible to ping, but possible to
    ping its ip address:
    The ipconfig /renew produced a batch of stuff which included
    Tunnel adapter
    Media disconnected
    Tunnel adapter Teredo Tunneling Pseudo Interface
    Media disconnected
    Connection specification...(nothing)

    Don't know where to go from here, so?

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    You might want to think about updating the firmware on that old router. I'll assume that you have typed a valid DNS server into the routers set up page, Google's DNS servers are a good place to start at and

    D-Link | DIR-632 Wireless N 8-Port Router

    After that, if you are still having problems please post a screen shot of the ipconfig/all from this machine.
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    PCLinuxOS (now); problem with Windows 8

    I will upgrade the D-Link. I think that's a significant part of the problem. After I did the last request, which I said failed,it turned out that NONE of the machines on the network would access the internet by name.
    Does anyone reading here know if there's a known problem with the D-Link DIR-632 or the Motorola modem, SBV5222, or the combination of these? Right now I'm using a different router, but I need 5 ports and this doesn't have them. At this moment, Win 8 is connected via the browser and working. (I'm a bit afraid to shut it down, but
    that's normally my Linux machine!)

    Thank you for the assistance. I'll keep you all posted. --doug
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dns resolver not working
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