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Accessing Windows 8 media center streaming from XP

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    Accessing Windows 8 media center streaming from XP

    I have an older laptop running XP Professional and have upgraded my other desktop systems to Windows 8 w/ Media Center. The laptop works fine as is but I can't seem to find any applications that let me play a media stream off the Media Center server. I have XP Media Player 11 and it looks similar to the Win8 version just don't see the "Other Libraries" item on the left side bar.

    So are there any applications for XP that can access the Win8 Media Center streaming? My DirecTV set top boxes can access the streaming, but they are so limited in what formats and sizes they can handle, as to be almost useless. The 2 Win8 machines can stream off of each other, so I think I have the streaming all set up properly. Just would like to use the XP laptop to do the same. It is a bit too old to upgrade to a newer O/S (1024x768 and 1GB ram). Would most likely go with a new tablet or convertible laptop if I can't make the XP one work.

    Did not see a specific Media Center or streaming forum so if this is not the correct location, admins feel free to move this thread.

    Thanks for any ideas.

    And some background:

    XP laptop and Win8 desktops are all on the same WORKGROUP. I have the XP media player sharing set up and the Win8 media player can see and play files off the XP media library. However, when I go to the Win8 media player sharing options, I don't see the XP machine listed. I see my other WIn8 desktop and I see the 3 set top boxes, but I don't see the XP laptop. I do see the XP laptop in the network neighborhood and the XP laptop can see the Win8 machines in its network neighborhood view. SO it seems everything can see everything else except that the XP media player can't see the Win8 media stream or server.
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Accessing Windows 8 media center streaming from XP
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