I was facing this problem of WIFI looking okay but connection to internet was lost every few minutes and it was impossible to use WIFI. I was searching on the internet for many weeks and trying out different stuff. I tried updating the drivers from DELL, also tried changing power settings, it partially helped.
Today I simply tried changing my router - WIFI security settings from WPA2-PSK to WEP, and it started working like a charm.
If it has not been working for you after updating drivers and after changing the WIFI adaptor performance setting in power options, then you must try this out.

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Hello, I am running Windows 8 Home Edition. On a HP DV6-7250CA.I have a Intel Centrino Wireless-N 2230 Card.I also have several other laptops and desktop all connected to the same router. For some reason, randomly my Windows 8 HP laptop turns of my wifi internet access just on this laptop, then when i try to reconnect, it says unable to connect. The only way I can get back on line, is if I go to device manager, and disable and then reenable my wireless card.I have tried reinstalling the driver, and it still happens. None of my other machines are effected and run great on wifi. Any thoughts as to why just this windows 8 laptop is randomly doing this? Thanks for your time and effort!
Have you tried going to the Windows Update Center or the HP support site to obtain the latest drivers for your system?

You could also try turning off the power saving feature by going into Device Manager then Network Adaptors, find the wireless NIC and choose properties then open the power management tab and uncheck the one that says "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power".

It may be required that you perform the updates using a wired connection.
Thanks I unchecked Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power. And tried reinstalling the drivers again. Hope it works, will let you know if I get any more problems.

I appreciate your help and time.