Hey everyone!

I'm a Windows 8 users since launch, but I'm having serious trouble with the OpenVPN client.

We're using an OpenVPN server at work, so we need OpenVPN clients to connect to our office network. On Windows 8, the main OpenVPN client barely manages to connect, it usually manages to establish a connection and get the assigned IPs after 10 to 15 manual reconnects.

The same is happening to me on Windows 7, even though on this operating system it seems to connect a bit faster. I've tried several OpenVPN clients, including Securepoint's app, TuxGen, Viscosity and others, I am experiencing the same issues with all of them. The connection usually drops after a few minutes and I need to manually reconnect, which is quite a big issue given that it takes a while to do that.

The weirdest thing is that everything works perfectly on Ubuntu using the built-in VPN client and the same configuration file (with an .OPVN extension), so I guess it's not the server's fault.

Any recommendations?