I have never tried to do this before, and am completely confused. Bare with me. What I want to do, is to automatically backup my documents to an ftp site I have on the net. I have no homegroup, and don't want one as I only have the one PC. I can open the site in question both in Explorer and Internet Explorer, and browse it just fine. I created a Network Location, which also appears listed under Computer and opens fine.

Now; to the backup. That's File History right? When I try to add a network location as the destination path, it doesn't list my Network Location anywhere, even under AppData/Roaming/Microsoft/Network. If I enter it manually it says that it is an incorrect folder.

Now, I read on the net that you need a Network Drive, not a Network Location. So I try to create a Network Drive. What do I enter there??? It too will not accept my ftp address, but insists on a format "\\network\shared'. What's that? How do I get from my ftp.x.com address to \\ something? And talks about selecting a Network Share. So how do I add such a thing???