Ok, here's some environment details.
My computers is running Windows 8 Professional and my hostname is WN53SV, my username benjamin is an Administrator with a live account attached to it. Administrator and guest, the built in accounts are disabled and there are no other users created.

when I view 'network' my hostname appears twice.
One of them reveals no shares, as is supposed to.
The second one reveals a 'cf' share. Inside this share are 4 additional shared folders, "c", "d", "e", and "f" which are my four drives attached to this computer. I am able to browse this structure to see what files actually exist in these folders but i have not been able to access these files and shares from over a network connection. It appears to be locally accessible only.

I've tried to google about this but i've not been able to come up with much at all.

This is a screencap of management console. You see here only default shares are shown.

here you see the result of 'net share' to show all shared folders. again, looks normal.

Here is a screen from the 'network' location

inside the doubled hostname:

and inside 'cf'

inside \\wn53sv\cf\c

C:\Users\benjamin>net view \\wn53sv\cfSystem error 53 has occurred.

The network path was not found.
If anyone can help me figure out where this is coming from, i would really appreciate it.
Thanks in advance