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Hi Chev65,

do not know how MS arrange things.

Today i installed a scanner on the laptop and although yesterday all 4 pc's asked me to join a homegroup (which was not there),

now i retried again (could not resist). I could not believe my eyes, when all of a sudden i was asked to create a homegroup (on the laptop that did not give the problem, it was the Revo pc, named like that for the Revodrive inside).

And the others could be joined immediatly as if nothing happened yesterday.

So since i could create a homegroup NOW, proofs there was no homegroup. Then the question is, why could i not create one yesterday on any of the 4pc's.

Thanks for your help, still this puzzles me. Maybe MS does not allow creating of a new one that fast?????

Yes, as you found out, Homegroups has a it's problems though most are solvable by restarting all machines or by going through the trouble shooting guide. Glad you have it all working now.