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    Remote Desktop - Please Help

    i'm new here, i hope someone can help me with my problem as i already saw some topics about this here.

    here is my problem:

    I want o connect to my Desktop(is at home) in Work.

    I'm trying to use Remote desktop but after i do this Tutorial ( Allow Remote Desktop connections from outside your home network ) i can't acess it, when i do the login it gives me an error.

    I did all that is in that tutorial. My final result is at Home all works i can login and acess other PC but here at work i can't.
    My OS in Home is W8 and at work W7.

    Anyone already did this or have other tuto that give me some information i don't have?

    BTW, i want this because i use team viewer and i can play some games like poker star or other like those, but when i try to play GW2 (not in Full screen) it stay with a bit of lag, not much, and i have some hope with Remote desktop it stays better.

    Thanks in advance.

    I found this but i'm not understanding very well what to do:

    I had the very same problem and went through the very same steps with no luck. Could not find the answer on any help site. Finally found the problem myself and fixed it. You are probably connecting to the internet with a DSL or Cable modem, and that unit is blocking Port 3389. By default, the modem will be in "Routed Bridge" mode, which means that it is functioning as a router to which your LAN router connects with DHCP. Some modems block ports 3389 and 80 by default. If so, you need to set up a port forwarding service on the modem for Port 3389 to allow RDP traffic to pass through to your LAN router (still need to set up port forwarding on your LAN router as well). How you set this up will depend on the model of modem you have. I did a search on how to set up a port forwarding service on my particular modem model and found the instructions for that. You can find the IP address for the modem on your WAN connection information page of your LAN router (Listed as WAN default gateway). Go to that address to change settings on your modem. Good luck.
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Remote Desktop - Please Help
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