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shared by default??

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    The security settings of your user folder should only allow access with your accounts user and and password over a network. It's shared, but no one can view your files unless you change the security preferences.

    By default, it's locked up, but shared so that only you can access it. Un-sharing it will change nothing other than that YOU will not be able to remotely access your files. Which is fine if you're not fussed with networking.

    Security and permission preferences are your friend.

    By default the C:>Users folder is in fact shared out. I've already mentioned this at the start of the thread.

    With the default setting the C:>Users folder is shared out with all Windows 7 or 8 machines in the local Workgroup.

    Anyone connecting with a Windows 7 or 8 machine, to the same network with the same Workgroup and default gateway will have access to those files. Yes I have tested this many times and there is no doubt about it.

    You can also lock out any machine from accessing the C:>Users folder by simply joining a Homegroup. This effectively creates a Domain which excludes other Workgroup machines from gaining access to Homegroup machines unless you specifically share a folder with "Everyone" using the Homegroup style share settings per the screen shot in post #8 you would choose Specific People then Everyone.

    Once you are joined to a Homegroup than those other machines in the Workgroup will not have access to the C:>Users folder unless you specifically choose specific people then Add Everyone "Post #8", which instantly shares that folder outside the Homegroup. This is how you can avoid messing with the NTFS security permission settings.

    This is the precise reason why there is a separate area for sharing specific Users folders outside the Homegroup, "highlighted in red post #8" which you can share or not share with Everyone as desired.
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shared by default??
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