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Thank you for the hint, could you also clarify what is the difference between section "network and file sharing" and "advanced sharing" in the sharing tab in options of the folder.
And still the question remains, why windows 8 and windows 8 doesn't ask for password and login and windows 7 always asks.

p.s. you wrote "check that there are no locks showing on...", what does the lock mean. I noticed some locks on files.
The lock means that someone unshared that folder, this is why you are getting the password prompts, it's a permissions issue.

The User folder is typically shared by default. This is how Windows shares things. You can share or unshare any folder if desired.

Sharing the Users folders and setting up a Homegroup between those two machines will make sharing easier between those machines.

I wouldn't put too much faith in password protected sharing, all I see is complaints about it not working as it's supposed to.