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Wifi wont turn back on

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    Wifi wont turn back on

    I recently turned off my wifi connection just to do an install. I simply pressed func+F12 and i shut it off until my installation was complete. Now when i hit F12 again to turn it back on the little light on the key turns back on indicating that my wifi connection is back on but when i try to connect in my network connections menu it says wifi is off. I have a Samsung chronos series 7 with windows 8 as my OS. I tried everything as far as trouble shooting goes and I also did a system restore hoping it would reset my network card but I still get know results. Does anybody have any idea what might be going wrong? I really need to get my internet working again. Oh yeah i tried the Ethernet connection and that works but i need my laptop for class and other events where I'm mobile , plus i got an assignment due this morning and this is really putting a monkey wrench in my plans. So somebody please help.

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    Maybe I didn't set my restore point far back enough and also the one suggestion I didn't try was refreshing my computer but i didn't want to have to reinstall every freakin application I have loaded on my laptop.

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    Have you checked to set what wireless adapter is set as default since you've turned wifi off? Since you turned it off, the default setting may have changed which could explain your not being able to connect to your wifi.
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    If you updated the Series 7 by yourself, make sure you also installed the multitude of drivers the Samsung SW Update required. (If you removed it, now would be a good time to go to Samsung's site and install it again.) I have the same laptop (Samsung Chronos Series 7, 17.3"), and when I upgraded the laptop to Windows 8, it required 14 driver and 2 BIOS updates. Now, everything works perfectly.
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Wifi wont turn back on
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