I don't dare to surf around "naked" at all times anymore, so I started using VPN.

However a few times I have had this problem, after closing down the VPN:

"Windows could not automatically detect this network's proxy settings" (and cannot go to websites. however, there is still connectivity).

The only way to get online is to open the VPN again. The VPN is Torguard through OPEN VPN.

But I don't want to be locked into using the VPN all the time. It is not suitable for certain types of sites, like banking.

This been very tricky to solve. The network automatic troubleshooting doesn't solve it, reboot doesn't solve it and rebooting the server doesn't either.

I've sort of attacked it with every trick I know of and eventually it's given in, but frankly I don't know what solved it, and I am fed up with this problem.. Today, it's back again.

My regular ISP is VirginMedia fast broadband, in the UK. It comes with a fairly locked down router

I am hoping for an explanation as to what is happening (because at the moment I don't understand what's causing the problem) and a surefire way of solving it.

Hope someone can help!