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File Manager HD see's images on PC, will not transfer them

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    File Manager HD see's images on PC, will not transfer them

    I have a new HP Pavilion desktop with a Xoom Tablet that has recently worked very well in the following way. It was after I did a windows 8 REFRESH that something is now off.

    I'd yank a hank of my hair but I have be respect what I have left. I had this new PC with Win8 Home working fine with the Xoom Tablet, (ICS factory) I had the new PC set up for a local account when File Manager HD was working fine. Then I decided that I wanted the new PC to be a MS account. So I switched. Long story short I had to do a REFRESH as I had deleted a lot of my tiles like MAIL and CALENDAR. Ok, I have all that back. I went to transfer some files using File Manager HD to the new PC, this has been done before easy as can be. Now I have the tablet program finally seeing all the folders and files on the new PC but when I select them and transfer them I get a Warning window that the files were not copied or pasted or moved or whatever. Nothing I seem to do will help.

    Futher, the File Manager HD program is working fine with the old XP machine, it just won't copy to the new PC. Save my hair ... give me an answer! lol Thanks! jack

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    Things can get messed up very quickly when you change user accounts, it's best to always use a Windows live account with Windows 8, and then do not change Users, there are many good reasons for this.

    Have you tried creating a new Admin account on the Windows 8 machine using your Windows live account to sign in with?

    You may need to move all of your files over to the new account before you would have permissions to access all the files.

    After that you would remove the old account and use the new one.

    This tutorial explains the process but there are absolutely no guarantee's on anything here, you will most likely lose permissions to files that were created under the old user name unless you take ownership of them using the new Windows live User name.

    Microsoft Account - Switch to in Windows 8
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    Chev65 I am giving you kudos by marking this solved. You information was very exact and surely would have worked. What I did, however, as a solution, some may call drastic. I did a factory reset. Now this was not as drastic as it sounds. The pc is only a couple of weeks old so I haven't loaded it up with apps that are redundant as in the past pc's. I am being very careful to add only programs I have learned have most of what I want as options. So ... I reset. And since coming to Win8 was such a shock after 6 years or more exclusively on XP I am learning a little more each time, this is the 3rd counting the initial out of the box. It's one way of learning my way around. I could waltz around XP like the mad hatter but Win8 has slowed me down drastically and made me feel like a newbie. I have been purchasing pc's since '88. I have seen all that has happened since we had to run everything from with an executable from C:// So thanks! I appreciate your great instruction. I'm sure I'll be back here on the forum soon for something else! jack
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File Manager HD see's images on PC, will not transfer them
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