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W8 cannot see <some> devices on the network

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    2 x W7-64, W81-64, W10-64, 2 x NAS (Samba), and a partridge in a pear tree

    W8 cannot see <some> devices on the network

    Hi there,
    I just started playing with my new Windows 8 machine but I am having problems accessing <some> devices on the network:
    The W8 machine can see: itself, Router, Win7 desktop, wireless printer, wireless camera
    It canNOT see: XP desktop, XP laptop, Print server, NAS
    All of devices on the network (including the W8 machine) are visible from both XP machines and from my Windows 7 machine .

    Things I tried / verified:
    All machines are in the same workgroup (no Homegroup)
    All machines have the same date / time
    I can ping Windows 7 machine, both XP machines, NAS, Print Server from Windows 8 machine
    Using "Wireless network watcher" from Nirsoft, I can see ALL devices from the W8 machine
    EDIT: I just found out, the problem only occurs when connecting over Wifi (either 2.4 or 5GHz). When I connect with an Ethernet cable, all devices are visible.

    Network sharing on Windows 8 machine is turned ON
    Network discovery on Windows 8 machine is ON
    Password-protected sharing on Windows 8 machine is turned OFF
    File and printer sharing on Windows 8 machine is turned ON

    Firewall on XP desktop machine is turned off (temporarily - for testing purposes only)

    Any ideas what else I could try to beat Windows 8 into submission?
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    Changing the lanman server settings and disabling encryption on the Windows 8 machine may help with the NAS, I'm not sure if this will help with the XP machines or the print server but it might.

    This link shows which settings require the adjustments.
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    2 x W7-64, W81-64, W10-64, 2 x NAS (Samba), and a partridge in a pear tree

    @Chev 65:
    I just verified that the problem only occurs when connecting over Wifi. When I connect using a cable, all machines are visible. I updated my post to include this information.
    Does this new information change your answer in any way?
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    Ok didn't realize it was only with WiFi.

    Only through WiFi would tend to point to the router as the problem.

    What type of security and encryption are you using for the wireless?

    Have you tried a firmware update on the router or just resetting the router?
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    2 x W7-64, W81-64, W10-64, 2 x NAS (Samba), and a partridge in a pear tree

    @Chev 65:
    I only found out this morning that things worked properly on a cabled connection.
    Encryption is WPA2 personal on a brand-new Asus RT-AC66U dual band gigabit router which did, indeed, need a firmware update. (Yeah, I should know better than to introduce multiple new components at the same time!).
    Unfortunately, even after the firmware update and a reboot of the router and of the W8 machine, the missing devices did not show up. (Windows is rather slow in discovering devices on the network so I am not giving up on it yet - a wait time of 20 minutes is usually prudent)
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    Is Universal Plug and Play enabled on the router?

    You should definitely be able to see the XP machines straight away provided they are in the same Workgroup, you might try turning off simple file sharing on the XP machines, also running the network set up wizard on the XP machines might make them appear on the network.
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    2 x W7-64, W81-64, W10-64, 2 x NAS (Samba), and a partridge in a pear tree

    UPnP is enabled.
    I agree: I "should" be able to see the XP machines as well as the print server and the NAS - but so far, I am unable to do so.
    Since ALL devices show up properly when I use a wired connection, I do not believe fiddling with the settings on the XP machines will add anything (besides, the print server and the NAS don't have a setting for simple file sharing or a network setup wizard)
    I did notice that the geniuses who built this machine only installed the drivers supplied with the motherboard and did not update those drivers. (no wonder: it takes forever to download drivers from the Gigabyte site). I will be downloading the latest drivers overnight and install them tomorrow. I will report back if this resolves the problem.
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    I was referring to the XP machine and it makes no difference if the NAS or printer have a simple file sharing option.

    My point was that with simple file sharing enabled on the XP machine it will cause problems with shares on other machines. It's a common solution for this exact problem and in some cases it works.

    Besides that I'm quite certain that this problem is from the routers settings, the wireless may be part of a separate network, there are specific settings for this on some routers. Might be called network isolation or something not sure.
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    2 x W7-64, W81-64, W10-64, 2 x NAS (Samba), and a partridge in a pear tree

    Update: I applied all updates offered by the Gigabyte "Download Center", I then applied additional driver updates offered by "Slimdrivers Free", rebooted and let it run for a couple of hours but still no dice: the devices still do not show.
    I don't get it: Why does Nirsoft's "Wireless Network Watcher" see those devices but Windows8 Explorer does not? If one piece of software sees the devices, they are obviously there. If the other piece of software does not see them, I have to conclude that that software is flawed. I am running out of straws to grasp at.
    PS.: I double-checked the settings on the XP machines and Simple File Sharing is already turned off.
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    It sounds like this router is using a guest account or DMZ host for the wireless which would put all wireless machines outside the regular network.

    Everything I've read about this problem points to the router as the culprit but I can't see the settings from here and all routers have a different user interface which makes it difficult to give precise instructions.
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W8 cannot see <some> devices on the network
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