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W8 cannot see <some> devices on the network

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    Can you verify this:
    With wired, Open command prompt and type ipconfig and look for IPv4 Address
    With Wireless, do the same.

    Are they both assigned to the same IP ?

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    @feeror, @topgundcp
    I had been building the machine that had this problem for a client. This client was using it in a wired environment and thus MY problem was no problem for him. I had been toying with the idea of building an identical machine for myself but given all the problems I encountered, I decided to wait until later this year. At that time the new crop of Intel processors should be available and Windows should have the update to "Blue". Hopefully the "Blue" update will deal with the networking problems.

    Unfortunately, since I no longer have this machine, I can no longer experiment with it. (Turning on GUEST and PUBLIC sharing options strikes me as a a rather unsafe suggestion and, while it may help in trouble-shooting, it would not be a permanent solution anyway)

    I am marking this thread as solved since without the machine the problem occurred on, I can no longer hunt for a solution.
    (I wish there was was a status other than "solved" - maybe "Put to bed unresolved" or "gave up on it".....)
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W8 cannot see <some> devices on the network
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