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Windows 8, intermittent wifi issues,super frustrated help

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    Win 8 64 bit

    Try this:

    Open Device Manager
    Open the network adapter (in my case Intel Centrino Wireless-N 2230)
    Click Power Management
    Clear the box that says "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"

    Worked for me. Best of luck.

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    Problem persists, but new information.

    So I did some more searching and am still at a loss. I found out that if I connect to my phone (while set up as a wireless hotspot) I get the full 4g speeds (13/14 Mbps). This made me think that, as suggested, perhaps a new router would do the trick. (even though it didn't make sense to me because the router DID work perfectly for a long period of time with this comp).

    So, I search for a good deal on a router and buy a newer linksys. I hook it up and connect perfectly with my windows 7 laptop, 12-15Mbps download, I then try out my W8 desktop and cross my fingers. Well, it works WAY better than before, but I am still only getting 3-4Mbps download. Confused, I am. But I am OK with this because I can at least browse the internet.

    BUT THEN... Fast forward a week and BOOM. The stupid thing stops working. Back to the same thing I had with the previous router and problems I have been describing in this thread. Download speed won't top 1 Mbps. And now it is even disconnecting (didn't do that before) and right now, I can't get more than .25Mbps. Also, if I connect to my phone, I still get perfect speeds.

    And weeks later I am still super frustrated.

    Overview. Original router - worked fine for long time, started to not work as well, then worked well again, then stopped working well at all. New router - worked decent for a week, started acting like first router, not working.

    Any other suggestions?
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    Which anti virus software did you have on this machine, I'm still unclear on that.

    The 802.11n Only setting may work better on the new router but I'd have to see the Xirrus read out to confirm the settings.

    That certainly is a strange problem with the routers working then not working.
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    Anti-Virus was at first McAfee. Then later and now it is Norton AV. I have completely uninstalled Norton and problem persists. And since re-installed.

    Screenshot of Xirrus

    Click image for larger version
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    Now you are using wireless 802.11 N which is good. The signal isn't too strong but should be ok.

    With the two open networks on channel 6 and 1 you should try changing to channel 11.

    I'm curious about which DNS servers you are using. Are the DNS server IP's typed into the routers network settings? If you can change them Google's DNS at and it might help.

    As for McAfee, If you haven't yet, try running the MCPR uninstall tool in the link which is about half way down the page.
    How to uninstall or reinstall supported McAfee products using the Consumer Products Removal tool (MCPR)

    Norton has one also.
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    Changed to 11. Ran MCPR. Problem persists.

    DNS numbers are all 0's in router settings.
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    Are you using the Atheros wlan drivers from the Lenovo site or are they Windows 7 drivers WHQL drivers?

    Lenovo Support - Drivers & Software (US)
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    I'm not sure I completely understand.

    Following your link, I have downloaded all of those drivers. Including the realtek networking driver. I don't see any Atheros drivers? Maybe I am missing something?

    Thanks again for your help.
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    More info - I have been using my laptop to reply to this and just now I switched back over to my desktop and now the speed is back to 3.75 Mbps (where an hour ago, I couldn't get .75).
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    Quote Originally Posted by GeeRant View Post
    More info - I have been using my laptop to reply to this and just now I switched back over to my desktop and now the speed is back to 3.75 Mbps (where an hour ago, I couldn't get .75).
    The Lenovo site showed an Atheros driver but maybe it's a Realtek on your model.

    You could be picking up interference from a phone or the position in the room relative to the router could be a problem. These types of problems keep coming up and more so with Lenovo it seems.

    I find it best to set up the DNS servers on the router.
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Windows 8, intermittent wifi issues,super frustrated help
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