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windows 8 wifi help please

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    windows 8

    windows 8 wifi help please

    hey guys I recently bought a Samsung laptop with windows 8 already installed, basically my wifi constantly drops out gives me limited connection etc. I have tried EVERYTHING to fix it, I spent hours every day trying to find a fix and nothing works at all, when I emailed Microsoft asking them for help they gave me a link to the support page where i got their email address from... so if anyone could please send me a link to fix for this or just help me out in general it would be greatly appreciated, thanks

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    You can start by removing all the bloatware that came preinstalled on your Samsung.
    Download | The PC Decrapifier

    After that you might try Windows updates. Samsung may even have some updates for your system.

    You can try changing the wireless channel in your routers settings, Xirrus WiFi inspector can help you make an informed decision on which channels to use.
    Wi-Fi Inspector | Xirrus

    If you continue to have problems contact Samsung or post the ipconfig/all from this machine and I'll have a look at it.
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    Hafnarfjörður IS
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    Hi there

    ( @chev65
    that site you linked to has a nasty SNEAK forced registration system -- comes up with If you have trouble with the form and then asks you to enter an email address select industry , country etc. There's NO OPTION for if you are NOT having trouble with this form etc. !!.

    Now I HATE HAVING to register for anything unless I want to --avoids SPAM, being "On the Grid" in some companies database where this data is"Sold on" etc etc. So I immediately logged off.

    The rest of your help on networks in general is very good so please don't take offence here as I know you were offering good advice but some people don't want to give out details so should be warned in advance.

    If people offer FREE stuff it should be that : FREE. Supplying personal data IMO is another form of "Paying" for a product -- this data can be just as good as CASH for some businesses).

    try switching router to a different channel -- channels 11/12/13 are often a good ones and set to use WIDE channel rather than narrow channel if that option exists. For poor signal you could use a Wifi extender or repeater.

    I use the 5 MHZ band on 802.11n protocol . Note this is a function of the ROUTER not the ISP - all you are doing is broadcasting the wifi signal locally in your house. My laptop is capable of 1GB/s wifi card if the stupid ISP could give me that much !!!!. 802.11n is much faster if you can use it -- although it's not so good for going through thick concrete etc. Fine where I live though - next door neighbor is quite a way away !!.

    If you are in the states this might not be an option so you'll have to stick with the 2.4 Mhz band (802.11g) and you can't use channels 12 or 13.

    If you do switch to 5 GHZ band your wifi receiver card in the laptop must be capable of receiving this on the 802.11n protocol.

    Newish laptop wifi cards will be dual receivers both 802.11n and 802.11g and certainly in Europe capable of 2.4 and 5 GHZ reception. Your Samsung certainly will be.

    Get into the router command mode -- logon to it with IP address usually something like 192.168.X.1 where X is often 0,1 or 2 the manual will have the actual address. Connect via LAN if you can't use WiFi.

    Then in the menu find WIFI settings -- usually under something like ADVANCED WIFI -- should be "findable" from the menu.

    Then change a bit and test. Write original settings on a piece of paper / or on the "notepad" on your smart phone / tablet if you have these since if all fails and you mess it up you can re-set it back to the original settings and try again.

    Here's a screenshot of my router's wifi menu -- yours won't be exactly the same but should be similar enough.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails router.png  
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    Don't know what you are talking about Jimbo, I have downloaded and installed both Xirrus and Decrapifier and have had no problems with either of them. No registration required for either of them.

    One checks channels so you can find a clear one, the other removes bloatware at the Users discretion. I'm trying to find something wrong with those two options?

    You should know that preinstalled bloatware should always be removed first thing as they typically cause endless problems, especially the so called trial versions of which ever anti virus security software is installed. The Op already stated "they tried everything" I'm willing to bet they haven't tried removing all the bloatware yet.

    Far as I'm concerned, until all that bloatware is removed we could be chasing our tails all day long on this one. Not about to go down that road again.

    It's easy to click on the wrong download links with all those advertisements these places tend to run, but both of those links were plain obvious with no chance of clicking on the wrong one.
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    Hafnarfjörður IS
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    Hi there
    this is what I get -- maybe it's a local thing ( for the Wi-Fi inspector when I click the download link). Haven't tried the PC -Decrapifier as I invariably re-install an OS without all the store stuff on a new PC / laptop.

    Also show the download link to click -- I can't see any options that I might have messed up -- I'm not infallible and I know we all make errors - but I can't see what I've incorrectly clicked or not unchecked as the case may be.

    screenshots enc.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails form.png   wifi.inspec.PNG  
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    Where The Wild Things Are...
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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo45 View Post
    Hi there
    this is what I get -- maybe it's a local thing ( for the Wi-Fi inspector when I click the download link). Haven't tried the PC -Decrapifier as I invariably re-install an OS without all the store stuff on a new PC / laptop.

    screenshot enc.

    Once you fill that out it downloads it automatically, that's just for support in the future and a brief description on how the product is being used.
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    LOL never have seen that before and I've posted that link no less than 200 times. Maybe they just added that to that particular download. Here is another one without the email requirement.
    Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector - Download

    InSSIDer is another good channel scanner and it shows the overlapping of channels better than Xirrus but it's a bit more confusing for the average Home user.
    inSSIDer – Discover The Wi-Fi Around You | MetaGeek

    And trying to get the average home laptop user to reinstall the entire Op system is something not so easily done sometimes but that would be my preferred method.

    It's easier and faster to let them decide what to remove using Decrapifier.

    My wife's Sony laptop recently had a very similar problem to the Op's, it would randomly disconnect about once an hour maybe more.

    I just removed all that preinstalled Sony bloatware "there was a ton of it" and it's all working good now.
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    Hafnarfjörður IS
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    Hi there
    Thanks BTW for the alternate link !!!.

    For the previous poster but 1 above.

    that's exactly what I'm complaining about -- why should I supply this info. We can download the documentation or whatever.

    If it's just for support why on earth do they need an email address -- I might be using the product on the OTHER side of the world relative to the email address (and I know I can supply a rubbish GMAIL one but why should I have to).

    I might be paranoid but I really am against giving private info out unless I have to.

    I remember nearly spending a night in Jail in the UK when passing through St Pancras Station from Brussels via Eurostar train service where it wasn't immigration control (who had a right) but a 3rd party agency carrying out "Customs" control who asked me where I was going -- and I said I've already given that info to immigration - I don't have to give it to you.

    They said - Yes you do --I said "Case law please -- you don't have the right". They said yes we do - we'll call The Police if you don't comply.

    I said "OK call PLOD -- I don't care -- I KNOW the law."

    OK Plod turns up -- woman says "This guy was "abusing me" --fortunately I had a Minidisk recorder (Old fashioned technology - but it still works and I usually often record conversations and other spats with over zealous officials whose income is being paid for by their country's taxpayers) and there is always the CCTV in the station etc. as well. I also had a colleague with me who could act as a witness in any case that the recording couldn't have been falsified.

    Anyway Plod agreed with me and the woman was taken off duty - hopefully she will learn that SHE was being aggressive and lying doesn't help her cause in any way whatsoever.

    NEVER EVER give info to people unless you want to or the law requires you to supply the information requested.

    At least in the US while customs and immigration is a total pain for non US citizens they do give you a form explaining what information they can ask for and the Federal law which gives them the right for the information asked.

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windows 8 wifi help please
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