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    So the idea is to clone an activated VM for a single use after which it is deleted, and not different VMs, which would break the EULA? I have to say that this is not in keeping with the OPs request. It seems unwieldy, having to clone multi GB VHDs regularly, just to delete them after a single use.

    It is a bit like the kiosk systems, or the old XP and Vista "Steady State" systems which were axed in 2010. Windows 7 was not included but Microsoft published a document to enable a Windows 7 Steady State using group policy settings: Download Group Policy Settings for Creating a Steady State from Official Microsoft Download Center These just restore the system to a constant predefined state at each reboot, not saving any changes made during the session.

    Windows Embedded Standard 7 Sp1 and Windows Embedded Standard 8 Industry have Kiosk templates, I think.

    I would stick to using VNC in one of its many versions if you want multiple VNC clients accessing a single VNC server on a Windows 8 machine at any time. That way it is several mouse and keyboard and monitors attached to a single installation over a network. The VNC clients can be on various OS hosts, including Windows, Linux and OSX. The Windows 8 software is running on a single PC, with a single user logged on, in a single session, with input from several remote keyboards etc., displayed on remote monitors. Unlike Remote Desktop, VNC does not log off the user on the host PC. TightVNC is Free, and open source, others, like RealVNC can be purchased and offer support.

    You could demo windows 8.1 to classes worldwide without breaking the EULA.
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Remote desktop
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