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Windows 8 wifi randomly disconnecting

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    Well do you know a good upgrade that would be suitable (I currently have Dlink DIR-655)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gargalhar View Post
    Well do you know a good upgrade that would be suitable (I currently have Dlink DIR-655)
    Ok, you should be having no problems at all with the DIR-655, same router I have and still one of the best on the market. I have the latest firmware installed and it works fine for me. I can't imagine that you are having problems with this router unless it's not set up correctly or something.

    It might help if I could see a screen shot of the manual wireless set up page from the DIR-655. Windows key plus print screen key works for me for screen shots.

    I'm assuming that you changed the channel to 11 or 1, other channels may work for you but don't use anything near channel 6. It can help using the 802.11n Only setting, preferably with channel bonding turned on which is the 20mhz-40mhz setting.

    In order to get to the correct wireless set up page go into the 655's firmware page, click set up, then wireless settings, then choose the manual wireless set up at the bottom. Take a screen shot of that page if you can and post it here.
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    The nice packie man on the phone told me to go to channel 9.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gargalhar View Post

    The nice packie man on the phone told me to go to channel 9.
    It's best to attach the picture rather than hosting it somewhere. I can't expand the picture enough to read it.

    Use the Go Advanced button then browse to the picture and attach.

    Channel 9 is neither here nor there, nothing special about it in my experiments.
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    Click image for larger version
    Sorry I didn't know I could upload photos to this forum
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    The settings look good other than the "enable auto scan" which needs to be turned off, that setting will scan the channels and change the channel which you don't want. I would definitely try using different channels and testing to find the best one. With this weak signal it may actually work better to turn off the channel bonding.

    Other than that I can't see anything wrong besides the rather weak signal strength. My router will completely cut out in certain parts of my house because of big metal heaters and a large thick cement fireplace. Wireless isn't like magic, and it won't go through many walls like people seem to think. I installed the DAP-1522 D-link dedicated access point to allow for a good connection anywhere around my house and to cover my entire yard and garage.

    I'd also say that in general terms, a single router can't cover an entire house even in the best situations.

    Working in the yellow signal strength can go either way, I personally would never expect a reliable connection unless it was in the green and that's the reason I installed the access point.

    The fact that your machine came with Windows 8 indicates that this can't be a driver problem and most likely has more to do with weak signal strength.
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    Well I have a shit laptop like 2 feet away from my desktop and it's staying connected easily. The problem is this laptop is shit so I can't use it for much.
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    Well the other more obvious and less expensive option is to install a USB wireless NIC on the new PC and see if it works any better for you.

    You can purchase the D-Link DWA-140 for less than 20 bucks and try it out.

    The DWA-140 is the same one I use out in my garage and it works flawlessly, I get 300Mbps with this one and the price has really come down because of the newer 802.11ac hardware which is just now coming out. d-link dwa 140
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    I bought the closest I could dwa-160 and best buy says that it might just be a fault with the wireless card. I'm going to use this see if it works then if it does they said I could take back my computer and the dwa-160 to get it fixes
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    So this wifi dongle has seemed to solve my problem. I'm wondering if it's worth taking my computer back to be repaired. Is the DWA-160 better than my built in wifi card?
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Windows 8 wifi randomly disconnecting
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