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Metro apps do not recognize internet connection

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    Metro apps do not recognize internet connection

    I know posts have been circulating around this topic but none that directly address my needs. I just recently did a fresh install of Windows 8 onto a brand new SSD. I then set all of my documents to be on my traditional hard drive. Everything worked perfectly for about one day then my metro apps stopped connecting to the internet. I am on the internet currently using the desktop application of Chrome and all of my desktop applications connect to the internet. Additionally my computer tells me it is connected to the internet and troubleshooting identifies no problems.

    Here's the problem all of my metro apps will not connect to the internet. The "Store" app says that my computer is not connected to the internet. The weather app opens but does not refresh, and most of my apps do the same thing. they have a constant loading symbol.

    I have no antivirus installed. I did install PocketCloud Windows Companion VPN service so that I can access my computer with my tablet. I have scavenged all the forums and there seems to be no answer. Is this just a problem of Microsoft's?

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    Lots of complaints about this problem but the solution seems to be different for everyone.

    Windows 8 Pro x64 Apps won't connect to internet ? - Microsoft Community

    Have you tried going to Windows updates?

    Longer thread here discussing this ongoing problem, shows some solutions.

    Win 8 pro with Media Center, metro apps can't connect to Internet - Microsoft Community
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    I too had the same problem, After searching through a lot of forums I finally found a perfect solution. Actually Windows 8 disables the internet access to some metro apps for security reasons. I found one software which easily resolves this problem. The below link will help you with all the details:

    (Solved) - Metro apps not getting Internet access Windows 8/8.1 - Best Tech Guru
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Metro apps do not recognize internet connection
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