I have a Pavilion G7 with Windows 8. I have occasion to accidentally hit the F12 key. This turns Airplane Mode off and has the effect of turning off all your wireless abilities. Unlike the older button in windows 7 on my HP Compaq, this button is not a toggle switch. It turns off your wireless for good - then your stuck unless you jump through a few hoops.

You can remove the battery and reboot while holding down your power button or you can:

"Open control panel and go to Network and Sharing Center.
Go to Change your network settings and choose Troubleshoot Problems.
On the page that opens, choosing the first option, Internet Connections. Click Next on the window that opens.
It will give you a window with two more options, choose Troubleshoot my connection to the Internet.
It will now look for and detect the problem that you need to "Turn on Wireless capability" Choose the option, Apply this fix. This will reconnect your connection so you can use wireless again."

As mentioned here: hp wireless button changes airplane mode - Microsoft Community

BUT those are not good viable options. they are both time consuming so I found this post which says you can do it by going to: Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Adjust commonly used mobility settings -> Fn Key Behavior > " Remove the Airplane mode of F12 as mentioned here: Dragon Nest | Forum


Problem is my Windows Mobility Center only has 6 options in it, brightness, volume, battery status, external display, sync center, and HP 3D DriveGuard. It's not the full suite of apps you see on this page from Microsoft: Using Windows Mobility Center.

I am missing a very needed option in the Mobility Center to change the function of my F12 key.

In fact that page even tells us:

" If a setting doesn't appear, it might be because the required hardware, such as a wireless network adapter, or driver is missing or turned off. For example, if the Turn wireless on button is unavailable, you might need to use the hardware switch on your computer to turn on the wireless adapter. "

Obviously that isn't going to help me in this situation. At the moment, my wireless is working - and the hardware switch on my PC will only serve to turn wireless Off - then I have to jump through hoops again to turn it back on.

Desktop users need a good way to strip all unwanted unneeded mobile functionality from Windows 8 that interferes with their desktop experience. This is where Windows 8 fails badly IMO - trying to force a mobile platform on desktop users that don't need it and when that mobile platform gets in the way there is no good way to turn off those features.

If I could simply go to the Windows Mobility Center to re-enable wireless I could live with that - or if I could make that f12 button back into the wireless on/off toggle button it should be.

Any way to fix the functionality of this button when I don't have those correct options in Windows Mobility Center?

Just found out I CAN turn wireless back on easily enough with the slider from the network icon in the taskbar - but that doesn't change the fact that I need to change the functionality of the button itself. As mentioned in the dragon nest website above this functionality can interfere with gaming and other apps that want to map to your function keys. I still need to change the keys functionality.