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Sharing pictures/music with second user account

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    Sharing pictures/music with second user account

    Hi guys.

    I'm fairly new to Windows 8 and having a few difficulties setting up a second account on my laptop. Basically, I have my collection of music and pictures in the 'My Pictures / My Music' folders on my account (the administrator account). My wife has set up a second account on the laptop, and we want it so that when she opens the Music or Photos app, she will have access to the whole collection, but I'm struggling to work out how to do this without having two copies of each file on the computer.

    I've tried sharing the folders from one to the other, and whilst they can be accessed via the Network path, the pics and music don't appear in the second user's Metro apps, I'm guessing as they're not in the specified My Pictures/Music folder for the second user.

    I'm sure there's an easy way around this, but I'm struggling to find it. Any help would be much appreciated!

    Thanks in advance


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    It looks like all you need to do is put the files you want to share into the Pubic Folders.

    You would also need to enable the Guest or Public file sharing in the Advanced Sharing Settings at the Network and Sharing Center.

    Share files and folders on a network or a shared PC
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Sharing pictures/music with second user account
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