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Wireless problem: "the default gateway is not available"

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    Wireless problem: "the default gateway is not available"

    Dear everyone who reads this post,

    I have just recently bought a new sony laptop with windows 8 installed on it. Unfortunately, I am having problems with the wireless connection. I have tried the following actions, none of which worked:

    - unplugged/replugged router
    - checked for updates of wireless driver; windows says I have the most up to date version
    - unchecked "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" in the power management tab
    - released and renewed my DCHP lease
    - uninstalled free 30 day antivirus trial and installed avast! anti-virus
    - reset WINSOCK, IPv4 TCP/IP and IPv6 TCP/IP stacks:
    : "netsh winsock reset catalog" // reset WINSOCK stack
    : "netsh int ipv4 reset reset.log" // reset IPv4 stack
    : "netsh int ipv6 reset reset.log" // reset IPv6 stack

    I have ran Network Diagnostics, and as it turns out, it resets the Wi-Fi adapter and tells me that the problem was that "The default gateway is not available". Nevertheless, my connection only works for ~0.17-5 minutes, then there is no more activity. Also, when I am connected for this brief time, the speed is relatively slow, such as the download speed.

    Also, I have connected to a different Wi-Fi LAN (my school's) and the wireless worked like a charm. The wireless security type at the school was no authentication and it did not have an encryption type, unlike the LAN at home.

    There are 3 other computers that use wireless on my home LAN, all of which work (they are OS x). Also, the desktop, which uses ethernet and runs XP, works fine too.

    I have googled this problem (which is where I found some of the solutions) but I can't seem to find anything that works. Every time I lose a connection I run the diagnostics and it gives the same problem/solution: Reset Wi-fi adapter; "The default gateway is not available".

    Any suggestions? If you need me to post specs from ipconfig /all or about driver information just let me know what you need. Thanks.

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    Set your router SSID and passphrase and security to WPA2-Personal and AES. Now go into the IPV4 properties of the laptop adapter and enter the router address in the advanced button under Default Gateway.
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Wireless problem: "the default gateway is not available"
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