No problems here - just after some advice as I am all over the place on this one. I have a new PC here and a new NAS in the post to me. I am back and forth as to how to best set them up. I have about 2TB of data which is very critical to me (isn't it all though ). I normally run backups using GoodSync every 1 hour on some folders & every day on the rest. I understand the basics of RAID 0, 1, 5 & 10. Just wondering if my 'best/safest' setup should be NAS or Main PC? I presume Main PC but means I need more SATA in PC & limit NAS size (without more drives).

So I'll lay it all out;

Dell XPS 8500 (1 SATA3 + 3 SATA2 - 1 needed for DVD)
D-Link 343 (4 bay)
Synology DS 412+ (4 bay)

1 x OCZ Vertex 4 256GB...... I was going to use as OS in XPS8500
1 x OCZ Vertex 3 256GB
1 x OCZ Agility 3 128GB
4 x WD30EZRX (3TB).......... I was going to RAID 10 in Syn412+ (regular backups)
2 x WD20EARS (2TB).......... I was going to RAID 0 in XPS8500 (live data)
4 x ST31000340NS (1TB).... I was going to RAID 5 in DNS343 (archive backups)

Am I crazy to have good RAID 10 in NAS with semi risky RAID 0 holding the live data?

Thoughts? Any ideas taken with open arms - including if you think I need to spend more $$.