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Wireless download @1.5MB vs. 22MB normally- 2 Different PC

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    Wireless download @1.5MB vs. 22MB normally- 2 Different PC

    Purchased a new Samsung Laptop. Among other issues, the down load speed was slow - 1.5 MB best vs usual 22MB for my router - while the upload speed was fairly typical at about 3.3MB. Took the laptop back to the store (it tested at 1.5MB there too) and upgraded to a Lenovo Z580. This laptop has the same download speed issue.

    Before you point at my wireless router, I currently have multiple Win 7, Vista, and XP systems all achieving the 22MB download speed currently. I also tried moving closer to the router (no effect), shutting off all other devices accessing the router (no effect).

    On my laptop, I have stopped Windows Defender and Firewall (no effect) and downloaded and installed the latest Intel Wireless Driver (no effect). I have downloaded and run Lenovo's Wireless Diagnostic which ran without complaint.

    With all items being what they are, I have no other conclusion than to blame some setting in Windows 8. These are factory-fresh Windows 8 installs that came from 2 different OEM's, not upgrades. Reading the postings here and elsewhere, this appears to be a common/frequent issue.

    I'd like to get some suggestions on how to approach this before I format the HD and go back to Win 7.


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    Have a look at this post, maybe it helps

    Very Slow Download Speed
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    So I went out on a lark and bought a Netgear N900 USB based wireless adapter. This is a Dual-band N adapter. Found out that the CD installer didn't recognize my OS (shocking!). Went to the Netgear support site and downloaded the BETA Windows 8 driver (no released one). installed that driver, disabled the built-in wireless, rebooted and ... it's even slower downloading! From 1.5mbps to .25 mbps! The cool part is that the driver tells me the connection is at 150mbps, but download testing proves it wrong OR Windows is manipulating in some fashion.
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    You should be flying with 150mbps

    Did you try turning on' the metered connection setting?

    It's been causing problems with connection speeds, although it's really just a conservative default setting.

    Go to Settings lower right, more PC settings, Devices tab on the left, then turn On the setting to prevent metering of wireless connections.
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Wireless download @1.5MB vs. 22MB normally- 2 Different PC
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