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Windows 8 RT is unable to find wireless on channel 13

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    Windows 8 RT

    Windows 8 RT is unable to find wireless on channel 13

    I got a windows surface rt and Im experiecing this problem... All the other devices that I own (cell phone, macbook, laptop with win 7) can see the wireless signal but not my surface tablet.

    There is no such update for the wireless network.

    Does anyone know how to change windows rt to recognize router signal on channel 13?

    Best regards,

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    If you just got the RT, then you may have a problem with wireless networks. Out of the box, there was an issue with finding wireless networks and staying connected to them. This was fixed with a subsequent update.

    If you can't connect at all, maybe try going to a place where you don't have to use Channel 13. Then connect and download the update and see if that fixes the problem.
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    channel 13 is not legal for usage in the US. If you interfere w/ somebody's licensed usage of their assigned spectrum and somebody complains, the FCC can be quite nasty.

    There are three (3) non-overlapping channels in DSSS, ISM, 2.4 GHz. They are 1, 6, and 11. Since DSSS is wideband, the center channel frequency only specifies the MIDDLE of the signal. When a network is using channel 11, their signal extends from channel 9 thru channel 13.


    If you do that, you risk standing out like a very sore thumb. The fine (last I checked) for deliberately operating illegally was five (5) thousand dollars per day.

    You probably don't want to play around with the high channels.
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    Windows 8 RT

    Thanks for both responses.

    I'm actually in europe and the router was configured by Movistar. That mean that I do not have user admin to change the router configurations and it is very hard to explain the reason to their call center.

    I am sharing the cellphone connection though bluetooth with Surface RT. Tried to update the wireless driver but there is no update avaliable.

    Best regards
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    Where did you obtain your Surface RT? Maybe if has the US firmware and drivers for the WIFI, if so it can not tune to channel 13.
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    I don't know the situation with the Surface, but European versions of the Amazon Kindle* are limited to channels 1-11. I guess they couldn't be bothered to change the firmware from the restricted US version.

    * ok, my instance of the Kindle anyway, with up-to-date firmware.
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    Hi there
    Why not change the channel in the Router

    The RT hardware should detect the wifi signal -- if you got a US sourced RT device then it won't receive Channels 12 and 13.

    Change Router to channel 11. Should be OK in Europe. I know people in central Brussels (Belgium) on Belgacom and Mobistar providers -- Channel 11 works fine.

    Logon to your router (address usually something like 192.1.x.1) in admin mode, go to settings==>wireless and change the channel.

    While the individual menus will be different for each router the functionality should be the same and easily findable.

    Tell the Call center -- you are getting huge interference from neighbours, Cafes, bother businesses etc on Channel 13 so you want to change to channel 11.

    My take on all this is that if it's illegal in the USA to have channels 12 and 13 then at least their EXPORT models shouldn't assume every other country will ban the use of these channels - but much as I love visiting the USA and there's great people over there they still have something of "If it's not invented here -- it doesn't exist" mentality about the place and assume all their laws are valid in every other country apart from Iran. !!


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    Post #4, He doesn't have access or control to change anything himself. But as you mentioned, I'd also recommend calling the call center and having them switch the channel.
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Windows 8 RT is unable to find wireless on channel 13
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