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Network printer doesn't work from Windows 8 PC

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    Network printer doesn't work from Windows 8 PC

    Have 3 PCs on home network and recently upgraded computer 2 to Windows 8
    Computer 1 has lan connection, Windows 7 (can see all computers on network, can't access Computer 2)
    Computer 2 Wi-fi connection, Windows 8 (can't see or access other 2 computers on network)
    Computer 3 lan connection, Windows Vista (can see & access computer 1 on network, can't see or access Computer 2)

    When I run Windows Network Diagnostic, problem can't be identified. I'm trying to print from computer 2 to the printer connected to Computer 1--it worked fine until I upgraded to 8. Have made sure all the sharing options are on and the Homegroup password is the same for the Computer 1 & 2. Any help would be appreciated.

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    You will first need to turn on Network Discovery in the Advanced Sharing Settings on the Windows 8 machines.

    You will also need to make sure that the Workgroup name on these machines all match, then you should have no problems using the NTFS sharing settings to allow folders to be shared.

    In general you will need to install printer drivers onto the Windows 8 machines before they can use the printer, it would be best if the printer drivers were updated versions made to work with Windows 8.
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    Thanks for reply. Network Discovery is turned on, and the Workgroup name is the same on all machines. I have tried installing the printer drivers on the Windows 8 machine, but still won't work. Tried Refresh and got a missing files error. I think I need the install.wim file. Can't find it in the downloaded files and I don't have the Windows installation CD.
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    The refresh will just delete all your files but won't help with a printer problem.

    If the printer drivers aren't made specifically for Windows 8 it may help to install them using compatibility mode.

    You may need to allow the printer through the Windows firewall.
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    Setting up a network with Windows 8 can be perplexing. I'm assuming that your setup is a wireless LAN.

    There are so many safeguards, and choices, in sharing that it takes a very slow, methodical step by step sequence.

    To Begin:

    * Router: It has an SSID number as well as a router password. *( Should be on the label ).

    * Computers:

    a. The workgroup name has to be identical on all three.

    b. Each computer has to have it's own separate, individual name. b1. Windows 8 may/can automatically assign names to your computers. It may give two the same name. If so you won't be able to recognize one of them. b2. Change names and call each something that identifies it to you such as a name and model number. Preferably not Anita; Anita - PC; Anita - something else. You may want to also paste a sticky "post it" label on each computer with it's name written down, just to facilitate remembering.

    c. If one of the computers is turned off or asleep it won't be recognized. Be sure all are on and awake.

    c:1 Be sure that "airplane mode" is turned off.

    d. There are several options for the network. a. Other users. b. public. c. Private. d. parental protection. --- and more. The best setting is to allow "everyone" access to libraries, folders and files. Set the LAN to "personal"/"private" not "public".

    e. Password. This can get very confusing. There can be different user names, different pass words, security keys, homegroup password, customer ID *( Router ) and so on. Windows 8 may/can automatically assign a password which is composed of both letters and numbers. It is very important to jot down the numerous and varied passwords and user names and identify what each one is for.

    f. Windows 8 and Windows 7 are fairly compatible on a LAN. Windows Vista and XP are not. In fact very troublesome. Best to upgrade to W8 on all computers if possible *( Check systems requirements carefully as well as monitor requirement). There is a MS special sale download on line for $39.99 ending January 30, 2013. Then the price jumps to $199.

    g. Windows 8 is 64 bit. If other computers are 32 bit there could be a problem. However, W8 does run in both 64 bit and 32 bit.

    h. The wireless adapter is a small plug in USB device. Each computer needs one. *( If there isn't already a built in factory installed LAN card ). If one of your computers doesn't have it - it won't be recognized.

    I. The USB plug in adapter should have a LED *( Light emitting diode ) that lights up when on. If it isn't lit the adapter isn't functioning. The adapters each have their own serial number. Each should come with a mini CD driver installation disc. After running the CD there may be a small button on the front of the adapter that needs to be pushed and held for 2 seconds and than re-pushed within 2 minutes. The LED should come on. * ( Manufacturers may vary ).

    J. If you can't print from one computer it hasn't been set up properly. You can go to "control panel" - "Network and settings" and find more information. You may, too, end up in "systems" and/or "devices" before you are finished.

    k. Also check to see if all of your clocks are set on the same time. If not it won't work.

    If you have installed all necessary hardware and software *( Router, adapters, LAN card ) the problem most likely can be remedied by going into the network shared settings and clicking on the appropriate selections. It does get confusing and difficult to remember. You will be asked repeatedly to enter a user name and password for access to EACH computer. It's quite a chore.

    If you move your mouse arrow over to the extreme right it will open charms. Down on the bottom will be pc settings. Open that and make the appropriate selections. You can go to "help" too and get detailed instructions there.
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    Good advice here!
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Network printer doesn't work from Windows 8 PC
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