I have many files and folders on my desktop machine that I like to have available at all times. I have a separate drive for photos and videos. I have I use hard directory links, or junction links I believe they are called, to consolidate some folders on another drive and include them in a share. I made this share available to the network and it has been working fine. That is, until Windows 8 came along. Some times it doesn't show up in my libraries, where I have included the share with the junction in it. The junction is gone for a time until it decides to appear. This doesn't particularly bother me as I assume that it is related to a connection being established and it usually appears fairly quickly. What I am concerned with is its usability in applications. Desktop applications seem to work fine for the most part. However the Photo, Movies, and Music apps don't recognize junction links at all; no matter how long I wait. This concerns me because to my knowledge hard links and the like are registered in the file system. How on earth are they being overlooked by an app that should recognize them as a simple folder? Is the issue related to permissions? I read on a forum that it could be that the folder wasn't properly indexed. So, I rebuilt my index after confirming that the folders and drives were properly configured for indexing. Still, I can't get the apps to see the junctions. I have exhausted my knowledge base and felt the need to reach out for other tidbits of wisdom to remedy this issue.