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Networking with Win 8 and Win XP

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    Networking with Win 8 and Win XP

    Hi guys.

    I have two computers one running Win 8 and the other with XP and want to network both. I have used an old router for this task.

    I have set up the two IP addresses and used the ping command. Ping responded very well on both computers. That means both computers are working OK and in the same network.

    Also I shared C unit in both computers.

    However when I go to the explorer and try to connect to each computer I can't.

    I tried to find the Network wizard on Win 8 but it was impossible to find it.

    Also the network icon appeared me always with the legend "No internet access".

    How can I solve this network problem?


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    Go Win8 start screen > Desktop (or Hit the Windows key after starting up to the Win8 start screen). Then, right click on the Desktop. Choose Personalize > Change desktop icons. From here, choose which network icons you show on your desktop, but definitely choose Control Panel and Network.

    Go Win8 start screen > Desktop (or Hit the Windows key after starting up to the Win8 start screen). Then go to the Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center to see the usual options.

    Try connecting to the XP machine from the Win8 machine through Network and vice versa.
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Networking with Win 8 and Win XP
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