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Cannot auto-reconnect to WiFi network with hidden SSID

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    Cannot auto-reconnect to WiFi network with hidden SSID

    I prefer to keep my home WiFi network from public view by disabling the SSID broadcast, i.e "hiding" the network.

    With two modem/routers (a Belkin Play Max F7D4401 ADSL modem/router and now a Cisco EPC2325 DOCSIS modem/router) on two computers (home-built desktop and Acer TM8172T notebook), after the initial connection Win8 Pro would not reconnect without tediously re-entering the SSID name and password. Once it does connect, it displays the original SSID name with a new one with an incrementally increasing appended number like:

    Click image for larger version

    I was manually deleting them all (except the original) using netsh, until I realized you can <right-click> on an entry in the screen above and choose "Forget this network."

    This is the process I go through each time to re-connect. Is there something I'm missing?

    Click image for larger version

    I read that if Win8 saves too many WiFi connections, it cannot "remember" them to automatically reconnect to them, so on the notebook, I deleted all but wpcTrue (the original), and it now automatically reconnects, although occasionally it will add a new connection with an incrementally increased number -- currently the notebook shows both wpcTrue and wpcTrue 2. I had used the notebook on the road, so had about five WiFi connections saved. On the Desktop my home network is the only WiFi connection I've ever made. However, no matter what I do on the desktop, it NEVER remembers to automatically log on when the SSID is not broadcast.

    I even tried manually setting up a connection via Network and Sharing Center > Set up a new connection or network, to no avail -- the desktop computer will not automatically reconnect.

    I doubt that this is relevant, but the Belkin modem/router, the Belkin USB adapter I use on my desktop computer, and the notebook's Broadcom internal modem are all b/g/n. The Cisco modem/router is b/g.

    If I "unhide" the SSID, i.e. broadcast the SSID, all is well in the world. Both computers automatically reconnect to the modem/router. If I hide the SSID, and then disconnect or reboot, the desktop computer will not automatically reconnect.

    Any ideas?

    PS: I just noticed that the pop up WiFi connection column shows "WiFi-2 Off" -- what does the "Off" mean?

    And, why is it "-2" ? My notebook just shows "WiFi', period. (The first image with "WiFi (Off)" was from a previous Win8 installation on the desktop computer. I decided to change from EFI-boot to non-EFI so reinstalled Win8. I simply used the old image as a quick way to show how the connection name assignment runs away.)

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    Same problem here.

    Microsoft's support says this is not a technical issue and refuses to assist.

    No comment...

    By not best workaround is to delete all profile, do a 1st connection to hidden network then disable automatic connection to the network; hidden network will be listed and it will be possible to manually click on connect button.
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    You don't gain any extra security from hiding the SSID, it only creates problems while adding no security at all.

    Debunking Myths: Is Hiding Your Wireless SSID Really More Secure?
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    What chev65 said , hiding your SSID just causes more problems than the security it provides , its not just windows 8 , people using various hardware (phones/android tablets) report similar problems when their SSID is hidden in a networking forum I frequent.

    The standard answer from everyone in the know there is 'unhide your SSID'.
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Cannot auto-reconnect to WiFi network with hidden SSID
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