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Wifi - No networks found

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    Quote Originally Posted by HBHB View Post
    it is up to us to get at least a work around for our needs, cant wait on the mo fozz
    Everything you mentioned in your previous post was caused by which ever A/V you installed. The Avast NDIS filter has been causing connection problems for a very long time now, Windows 7 machines included.

    There is no work around required if the A/V's were made correctly to begin with.

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    If not running Windows Defender, anyone thinking that AV may be the problem with connecting to a network or the internet might want to disable their installed AV product and let Windows Defender take over for awhile as a test. FWIW, I use Bit Defender without problem.
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    I never had such problems with windows 7, not to mention never got infected either.
    I agree with you, in an ideal world, yes AV should run properly off the bat, but we all know such a thing, in software rarely exists, we have to sometimes troubleshoot, fix, work around, optimize, reboot......anywho, I had the prob once and that was it.
    There is no update yet from Avast but so far so good, it is a give and take situation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chev65 View Post
    The only thing knocking Windows 8 out of whack is in fact the A/V software that is being installed which is hardly a Windows 8 problem.

    It's up to those selling the A/V products to get it working with Windows 8, not the other way around.
    It would be nice if Windows would actually make an effort to keep their operating systems working with other things for once, instead of just making everything incompatible and expecting everyone else to catch up.

    I'm also having this problem, and it's been since I've installed AVG, so that sounds like something that could be causing the problem.
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    Windows 8 is quick to have you restore or reset your OS, but Ive yet to find a shortcut to Restore or Reset your internet..

    I usually uninstall the network drivers and have windows re-install the default settings which worked before any installed programs

    intercepts its traffic such as AV or network managers..
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    Hello, as this is an old thread, I assume the original issue has been resolved, but since a lot of people still seem to have problems with finding wifi or network, hopefully my solution helps someone.

    I went to Control Panel, opened "Network and Internet." Under "Network and Sharing Center" choose "View network status and tasks." There probably isn't any active networks here at this point. To the left, choose "Change adapter settings." There should be "Bluetooth Network Connection," "Ethernet," and "Wi-Fi." If your problem was like mine, Wi-Fi is shown as disabled. Right click Wi-Fi and choose enable. You can now see networks in your area!

    As far as I'm aware, I did not disable this nor does my laptop have any external switch to turn on/off wifi. I simple turned on my computer, and it said my Internet was limited.

    Unfortunately, I am new to Windows 8 and don't know much about computers in general [I'm clueless what A/V and the other mentioned softwares (?) are!], so I probably can't answer questions or additional remarks.

    Best of luck to Windows 8 users!
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    Oh my gosh THANK YOU!!! Finally a real fix!!
    I spent the last 2 hours trying to figure this out and driving myself crazy... Until I found your post. Thank you so so much!
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Wifi - No networks found
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