I just upgraded to windows 8 from vista, and I am having major problems ´connecting a wireless adapter so I can get to the internet.

This is what I tried:

First, I tried the adapter I was using with Vista-Netgear WNA1100.

I installed using compatibility settings to Win XP Service pack 3 as directed by the wizard.

I got connected, then on my next restart, I got the BLUE SCREEN Error and then windows repair - which removed the network program.

Next, I contacted a local computer shop, he recommended using tp-link adapter. I purchased that one, installed it using the compatibility wizard again (because it did not function in win 8). I got connected, restarted the computer a day or so later, and then the BLUE SCREEN appeared again. After the automatic repair---the program was removed.

I tried the Win 8 beta drivers that were listed on the manufactures website. Followed the instructions and it did not work.


There is not any windows 8 compatibile adapters. I tried the windows compatibility website and found out that it is not totally accurate.

The closest I got was using the tp-link adapter without the win 8 beta driver. That driver just made things worse.

I would also like to note that I upgraded from a 32 bit vista. Does that mean the Windows 8 Pro is 32 bit or 64?

ANY HELP would be much appreciated. Thanks.