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Win 8 pc cant see xp machines on network

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    Sloe Deth, Californicatia
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    Windows 8 Pro with Media Center/Windows 7

    Actually it is XP Home Edition that makes the Workgroup named "MSHome" - As a matter of fact, All XP Home, Vista Home, 7 Home and 8 Home editions crate "MSHome".

    I have several XP Pro connected to my network, but I've had Home edition workstations as well, as long as they are on "Workgroup" they are seen by 8. But even if they are not, they show up in an 'MSHome" network that can be seen by 8 and connected to when I "Map Network Drive"

    Even if your Xp's are not showing up in the Network from 8, just try Mapping them if you know their network names, I'll bet you can still connect to them.

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    Sloe Deth, Californicatia
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    Windows 8 Pro with Media Center/Windows 7

    Oh Yah, for those to work, you have to have the Administrator account turned on and a password set, and you have to know the Admin Password. I always set these to the same thing on all Workstations. Sharing works through the Administrator account so it has to be turned on and shared. In XP Pro, it's easy to set a password through the Management Console, just right click on the Admin account in "Local Users and Groups" and right clock on Admin, choose "Set password".

    In XP Home, Vista Home, and 7 Home, this is a lot mroe difficult, I use a 3rd party program called Yamicsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8 Manager to activate the Administrator accounts, and then I set the password by logging into Admin and setting it. There is probably a way to do this from ad Admin Command Prompt, but I don't know what the command is, or the switches.
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    Quote Originally Posted by datumit View Post
    Windows 8 does not support the network mapping feature?? what are you talking about? of course it does?? No you dont need same username and password and he is asking about windows 8 not 7??
    I'm aware that we were talking about Windows 8 seeing as how I've helped solve some of these problems here in the Windows 8 forum.
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    Name HOMEGROUP or USERGROUP to (YOUR NAME X) everywhere on all machines, make sure the spelling is the same. Share some folders or files..

    in 7 or 8 set advanced sharing to Share Everything and NOT REQUIRE USER ACCOUNTS OR PASSWORD (setting that last one its at the bottom there, PASSWORD to NONE was tricky. 8 was resistant. i had to click through a few times, the interface needed to save I guess.)

    now restart xp then in XP control panel> My Network Places > View Workgroup Computers.. you should see your work group on the xp and the one on the other machine 7 or 8..

    that is all i wanted to do and nothing in this thread had helped me. The actual computer user names are not the same, I do not know about the password requirement as i do not know.
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Win 8 pc cant see xp machines on network
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