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Yes. Full versions. Fresh installs from ISOs.

That explains a lot of the problems. A lot of people having trouble with upgrades. Fresh installs are better IMO.

New lappy? Good for you! Which one?

How's the upgrade one doing?

AAhh... now we're getting somewhere lol.

The other lappy is all done... no problems with that one...

Since I had the upgrade version I wonder what the problem is with that ? couldn't find info about that..
I did change a reg setting, so the upgrade became a full one. since it wouldn't accept my key..
Guess I didn't realize that earlier.. with my existing HD's. it must have been writing somewhere in those boot partition/loader.

anyways... Thought both versions we're the same, except for the Key ?

edit: btw... I formatted my HD and installed the Upgrade Dvd, with no windows 7 installed.. so I was assuming that was a full install. (or not??)