Hi there,

I am having an issue with offline folders added in a library. That issue was valid on Windows 7 as well, but I was hoping to get rid of the problem when switch to Windows 8.

What's the problem? I have my documents on a storage server (windows 2008). Also, my network has Active Directory and my computer is of course joined to the domain. I wanted this network location (\\srv-storage\users\angel\Documents) to be available (use of the offline folders option) and also added as the main "Documents" library (on windows libraries). I enabled successfully the network location to be available offline, but the problem occurs when I add this as "library location". It works perfectly when I am joined on the network, but when I am out, when I click the "Documents" library I see the main document library to be empty! The strange is that if I try to type on the address bar of the window the network location I see all my "offline" files under this folder (\\srv-storage\users\angel\Documents), which is really annoy and frustrating.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot in advance!