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Unidentified Network Since Upgrading to Windows 8

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    Quote Originally Posted by mgmcc View Post
    If the "PPP Adapter Wireless Terminal" is actually a USB Modem and your internet connection, it is that adapter that needs to be shared. Because you have another two network adapters - Local Area Connection (wired ethernet) and Wireless Network Connection - you should have the option (drop down menu) of which adapter to use for the shared connection to the Xbox.

    Did this problem arise because I run it in Windows 8? Because in Windows 7 it's so easy to do the sharing.
    I didn't find setting it up in Windows 8 to be any different from previously with either XP or 7, but I have never used a USB modem. I have cable broadband and have always connected by ethernet. USB ADSL Modems are now a very old technology and your ISP should be able to upgrade you to a Wireless Modem Router which would remove the need for ICS - all devices would connect directly to the router for their internet access.
    Yes, I already shared the USB Modem one. And it still gives me unidentified network for the Ethernet Connection. The funny thing is, my notebook can access to the internet with this USB Modem but it can't share the internet for my xbox.

    Quote Originally Posted by mgmcc View Post
    I should have mentioned that your Wireless Network Adapter appears to be connecting to a router with an IP address of already, so what is it doing at the moment?
    Yes, it's my main source of accessing internet. I'm only using my USB Modem to provide internet for xbox because well.. My USB Modem ISP is slightly better than my Broadband ISP.

    So, right now what should I do? I really desperate to get this working again.

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    I don't think there is anything more I can usefully contribute, sorry.
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    I can contribute.

    This network is not set up properly in the first place, that is why Windows 8 will not allow the connection to this unconventional shared USB modem which is the reason for the unidentified network. This type of network arrangement is unconventional and not required.

    Ditch the illogical shared modem connection and connect everything else through the router, simple as that.
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    Is that mean I can't use my USB Modem to share the connection?
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    I have this exact same problem, I don't understand why it was so simple on windows 7 but just doesn't seem to work on windows 8. There should be a way to do it surely, why does the ethernet say unidentified network.
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Unidentified Network Since Upgrading to Windows 8
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