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WoL works from full shutdown but not sleep or hibernate

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    WoL works from full shutdown but not sleep or hibernate

    I need to be able to wake my computer from sleep. This worked perfectly in Windows 7 before I upgraded but now it is broken. I have exhausted everything I can think of and find online:
    • My NIC is the only wake armed device
    • In the device manager it's set to wake on magic packet
    • In the device manager it's set to never be turned off to conserve power
    • In Power Button options I've tried toggling fast boot
    • In Advanced power options I've tried toggling allow hybrid sleep

    WoL works when I shut the computer down but not from sleep or hibernate.

    This guy seems to be in a similar situation: Phil Pendlebury – Windows 8 – Wake Over LAN – It Works! – It but he was able to make it work from hibernate.

    I would be OK with just using Hibernate if it was working but the MS KB article on WoL says that it is supported in S3 sleep: Wake-on-LAN behavior in Windows 8

    Any ideas? Thanks!

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    Windows 8 Pro (x64)

    I am having the same issue. WOL only working from full shut down but not sleep or hibernate.

    If you manage to fix it I'd love to know.

    Quoting from an article by MS themselves.
    Wake-on-LAN behavior in Windows 8
    Windows 8: In Windows 8, the default shutdown behavior puts the system into hybrid shutdown (S4) and all devices are put into D3. Remote Wake-On-LAN from hybrid shutdown (S4) or classic shutdown (S5) is unsupported. Network adapters are explicitly not armed for Wake-On-LAN in both the classic shutdown (S5) and hybrid shutdown (S4) cases because users expect zero power consumption and battery drain in the shutdown state. This behavior removes the possibility of spurious wakes when explicit shutdown was requested. As a result, Wake-On-LAN is only supported from sleep (S3) or hibernate (S4) in Windows 8.
    So according to them WOL isn't supposed to work from shutdown but only sleep or hibernate. I don't really care for wake from shutdown, I just want wake from sleep to work
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WoL works from full shutdown but not sleep or hibernate
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