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Can't change network from public to private

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    Can't change network from public to private

    So I have a computer that I remote desktoped through neorouter(private)

    I cannot remote desktop to it through the hamachi interface. It's set to public, but I can ping the machine and even browse the files.

    However, it does not accept incoming connections.

    I want to set it to private, except in the network control panel, there is no clickable "public", it's read only.

    So I saw some guy's fix except NetworkList does not exist in windows 8 in the registry
    Registry key for those looking (at least on Win7):
    NT\CurrentVersion\NetworkList\Profiles There will be a bunch of
    keys with GUIDs as names. Within each you'll have everything you
    need, the ProfileName is what you'll recognize as the Wireless
    SSID. The combination of Category and CategoryType seem to
    determine whether a network is Public, Work or Home. Catgory=0 and
    no CategoryType seems to denote Public. Category=1 and
    CategoryType=0 seems to be Work. I don't have any Home networks so
    I don't know how those are defined. Hope this helps someone out.

    How do I fix this? I also don't have physical access to this computer.

    Also, I saw this downloading the registry file did nothing under windows 8


    (I disabled and re-enabled)
    I tried doing it myself manually, except those settigns don't even exist under windows8.

    Why the heck is somethign so simple so hard?

    Even Linux is easier to set network adapters, and that's saying a lot rofl.

    EDIT: My windows 7 computer lets me connect through RDP through the hamachi interface even though it's public.

    I don't understand what's going on >:|

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    Helo jigglywiggly,

    You might see if the tutorial below may be able to help with this.

    Network Location - Set to Private or Public in Windows 8

    Hope this helps,
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    Wow, thanks for that.
    Will try it now :3

    EDIT: Aw, that can't work for me, because hamachi is not my primary interface.
    And if I did that, I'd get disconnected from the machine.

    I am actually not sure if the hamachi interface being public is the problem.

    Though the windows 7 machine next to it, is set up identically and working w/o problems.
    Tried turning off firewall, and just can't connect to it through remote desktop or vnc.

    I can file browse it, which is what's weird.
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    Just to be clear, when you are using hamachi, it's like being on the same network. Firewalls on the outside, routers and ports don't matter here. However, your own firewall, the one on the client and simply the settings on the remote client do. Is Remote Desktop even enabled on the pc which you are trying to take over?

    Some anti-virus software also provide an extra security layer by blocking network traffic. Be sure to disable that too.
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Can't change network from public to private
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