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Someones phone was connected to my network! Why and how?

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    Has anyone had an HTC One S named ville on their network?
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    Quote Originally Posted by tonymarcus View Post
    I'm using WPA/WPA2-PSK (Mixed Mode) on my router, I think you guys are right, maybe every time my Wi-Fi shows up on someone's phone Wi-Fi search it will show in my Network but like you say that doesn't mean they are connected!
    I've never seen that happen, and it would be a strange, pointless thing to do. What if you had a party with 10,000 guests? What would be the point of showing 10,000 devices that aren't connected to your network as falsely connected to your network?
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    I know this is an old thread but i recently stumbled on to a fix for this and just wanted to get it out there. You can find the fix here, on the first post of page 3. Rogue devices showing up on windows 8 network in file exporer. - Microsoft Community

    It seems to be Windows Connect (their WPS service) that is the culprit and somehow finds these phone devices in your vicinity. I hope you find this useful
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    Quote Originally Posted by rwardle284 View Post
    Has anyone had an HTC One S named ville on their network?
    YES! I've spent the last two days frantically securing my whole network and things continued to show up anyway.. One of the early devices that showed up was the HTC One S with the name "ville". I can't remember the mac though..

    Since I have two routers running in different locations connected via an openvpn tunnel, I almost shat my pants thinking there was leakage somewhere in my setup..

    So far I can confirm that all the devices that showed up were android devices of some form or another. I had the aforementioned ville, a "razorg", a "Bravia 4K 2015".. All of which are apparently android devices.
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    Hey guys. Just thought I'd let you know. I was having the same issue, and finally found a fix. For Windows 10 anyways. Turn off your SSID broadcast through your router.

    It appears that any device picking up your router's broadcast will briefly show as being connected to your network. Even though its never assigned an IP or anything. This was driving me insane, as I'm overly paranoid, but I'm finally at ease.

    Not sure how old this thread is, but it was hard finding any actual useful information on this anywhere, and thought it would be helpful to post.
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    Best way is to change your passcode for wireless to a string of around 30 totally random characters, Upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols, (write it down and put it in a safe place, the chance of someone breaking into your home to steal a passphrase are virtually zero).

    Once all your devices are connected go into your router settings, (change the default SSID and the access user & password, (admin & password, is not that safe ), Also, if you can, switch off the broadcast of the SSID and set the system to only allow devices on a MAC address whitelist to connect, MAC addresses are designed to be unique worldwide, they can be spoofed but this would require some serious hacking which is unlikely for a private individual.

    If someone invades your network after doing this then you have a serious issue and would need to consider serious defence of the system Or more likely the person breaking into the system is someone you know who has access to the passwords and router
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Someones phone was connected to my network! Why and how?
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