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losing network connectivity at wake up, what to blame?

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    losing network connectivity at wake up, what to blame?

    When my new build wakes up, sometimes Windows 8 will report no network connectivity, even though the internet is not down. The problem is intermittent and goes away after a few seconds. It's not a wifi problem because of the connection is by ethernet. At the same time, the motherboard has exhibited some weird behaviors in UEFI/BIOS such as certain features not responding to button clicks.

    Do you guys think this may be more likely an issue with Windows 8 or with the motherboard?

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    I have seen a similar problem in another forum where a member has to reboot the router after the PC wakes up in order to regain internet access. I suspect what this is actually achieving is to re-assign the IP etc addresses to the PC which it has lost.

    After waking, run ipconfig /all in a Command Prompt window to see if the IP address has been lost. If so, run:

    ipconfig /renew

    which should restore it.
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    Perhaps the network-adapter goes into standby when your computer goes to sleep. You can look this up by pressing Winkey+X, click on Power Options, press 'change plan settings', 'change advanced plan settings'

    In here you can look at the configuration of you wireless adapter settings etc.

    Make sure that Power Saving Mode is disabled/set on Maximum Performance
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losing network connectivity at wake up, what to blame?
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