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Multiple drives to share

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    Windows 8 Pro

    Multiple drives to share


    I'm using Win8Pro as a home server.

    I have 3x2TB HD's that I need to share to other PC's.

    One of these PC's is my media player. I have a folder on each driver called Movies that contains different movies.

    Is there anyway I can combine the Movies folders contents on each drive to show 1 Movies network share?

    I understand symbolic links don't work on a network.

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    You can set up a Homegroup and share the library's then add folders from different drives or other library's on other machines to the Video's library folder and they will all show up in the Video's Library.

    That's pretty much what Library's are about.

    Homegroup - Create - Windows 7 Forums

    Libraries - Include a Network Folder - Windows 7 Forums
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    Windows 8 Pro

    I tried this but if I need to present the contents of 2 folders (test) on 2 drives as one to the clients.

    When I added both folders (named the same) to the homegroup via a library the folders were presented to the client machines as test and test1

    What I need is the user to see server\test.

    I think the only way I can do this is to pool the disk either via Storage Spaces, mobo Raid or using Windows Disk Management.

    I have read some bad things about Storage Spaces.

    I used to have Windows Home Server with the drive storage pool tech and it worked really well as I could read disk when they were removed from the system/os. I don't need RAID features as I back up the contents of the drives periodically.

    Any ideas on the best way forward?
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Multiple drives to share
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