hi as usual im sitting here wasting hours of my life researching about something and i thought to myself " no im not gonna! I'll ask some people who already know what they are on about!" what a genius i am! lol

so here goes....

I want a twin pack of powerline adaptors for my house. i have two pc's (one a laptop) and a mac laptop as well as an xbox 360 downstairs. ideally i want my pc's and mac to be able to connect to the network (router is downstairs with xbox connected constantly and want to use a room upstairs as an office for the other units). I'd like a 500 mbps kit so transfer rates are good. i understand that the adaptors would need to be gigabit ports so as not to bottle neck the data rates with ethernet 10/100mbps rates right?

homeplug av or hpv seems to be the right option so that i can stream and play games on my pc without problems (?)

does it make any or much difference if the ports are ieee 1901 compatible? will this cause a problem in the future if not?

ideally encryption and perhaps 3 or 4 ports per adaptor would be useful so i can connect everything.

i've seen this and wonder if it's ideal for what im looking for?
doesn't say how many ports or if mac compatible, etc though

im hoping to spend 30 or 35 quid but may be able to push to 40 quid if needs must.

any advice would be greatly appreciated and feel free to educate me on anything you thihnk might be important to know about.

thank you soooo much in advance people,