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    Win 8 Pro Wireless Router

    Hi All.

    My first Post, This look's a well layed out Forum.

    My Question is, How to Install a driver in (Network Controller).
    I Upgraded from XP to Win 8 Pro but lost connection to Wireless router.

    In Device manager, down to Network Controller, I receive, (The
    driver for this device are not installed (Code 28).

    In (Network and sharing Center) there are no router to chose.

    I Upgraded my Laptop (Vista) to Win 8 Pro, and that connected to the
    Thomson TG585 v8 router within 10 seconds.

    Thank's for any Help, BF.

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    Hi Bigfoot, welcome to the forums, have you tried a new driver for your wireless card?
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    Hi brummyfan,

    No not yet, The device has no name (Manufactuer Unknown).
    Just scanned with Win 8 (No Driver) its not the wrong driver
    its No driver.

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    Hi brummyfan,

    I have now installed Drivers for (Creatix 802 11g).
    I now see my Wifi Icon in (Network Connections), but when I
    go into (WiFi Properties) their is No (Wireless Connection) tab.
    All I have in (Internet Protocol TCP) is General and Alternative Configuration.
    I Think I need Service pack (SP2). I have Enabled (WWAM) I windows (Services)
    But that did not help.

    This is how I Installed my Drivers into (Network Controller).
    download Driver pack to Desktop Zip or rar, Unpack drivers
    Drag and drop your drivers out of RaR or Zip onto your desktop.
    Goto Device Manager..Network Controller, click (Update driver).
    Click Browse my Computer, and click Desktop.
    That will install new drivers to Fix the Problem.
    Go back to desktop, Drag and drop your Drivers of the Desktop
    back into your Rar or Zip folder just incase you need them again.

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    Hi Bigfoot,
    When you click Change Adapter settings in Network and sharing centre could you be able to see your wireless, if you can, right click and connect.
    Click image for larger version
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    Hi brummyfan,

    Yes its in Change adapter settings.
    When I click Connect, the blue panel on the rite
    has (Wifi 3 OFF).
    have setup a manual connection with Name and router Key.
    Still no luck.

    My system was XP, do you know of a list of
    Wifi PCI 802 11N 300Mbps Cards compatible with Win8 Pro.

    Thank's BF.
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    Hi BF,
    Sorry mate, I am not sure about Windows 8 compatible wireless cards, I'm sure someone with more experience will pop in.
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    Hi brummyfan,

    Thank's for your help.

    Their is a glitch in Control Pannel too.
    When I click on (Manage Wireless Networks) it does not respond.
    Does your (Manage Wireless Networks) Icon respond.

    If anyone has an 802 11n Desktop PCI card with the Win 8 Pro Upgrade that is working
    could you post Make and Model, Thanks BF.

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    Hi brummyfan,

    Found my problem, Scanned with (Windows 8 Manager v1.0.1 (20 days free trial).
    It found, Creatix 802 11g (Hardware Not Present).
    look's like a new Wifi PCI Card 300Mbps.

    Brummyfan, in Windows 8 Manager, in (Cleaner) section there is (Dup Files Finder).
    It finds all files that have been Duplicated. It found two Windows 8 Pro Files, I lost
    Internet Connection after 76% download. then restarted download.
    In all after 7 years of XP on Advent T9204 Desktop (Dup Files Finder) found 325 duplicated
    files. It then Deleted All including the second Win 8 Pro.

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