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Bandwidth keeps consumed at start up

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    Windows 8

    Bandwidth keeps consumed at start up

    As i start win 8 bandwidth keeps consumed for almost 10-15 minutes.
    I have windows updates off, and all other software updates on manual. Yet cant figure out wats consuming the bandwidth on start up.
    Here the network connections shown on dumeter.

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    Are you signed in with a Hotmail account?

    Not sure what you mean by "bandwidth keeps consumed".
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    Yupp, signed into hotmail.
    I mean, something keeps downloading.
    I have begun to figure it out now, its something related to svchost. Closed that service for once, restarted and now its fine.
    Lets see if it begins again.
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    Main does the same thing, however, I have Live Mail, Sports app, weather app, and a couple of other Windows Apps running at startup. Hence, I have never really given it much thought. So look at what win 8 (Metro) apps are starting up.
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    If it was consuming 5-10 percent of my bandwidth i wudn't had worried.
    But it was comsuming almost 100% of bandwidth.
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Bandwidth keeps consumed at start up
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