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Windows 7 to Windows 8 - and no internet.

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    Windows 7 to Windows 8 - and no internet.

    Okay. First off, let me start to explain the problem:
    I happened to have been a beta-tester of Windows 8 on an older computer, and I happen to have three labtops (two older HP Pavilion's and a Sony VAIO).
    One of these HP's had the beta, and I found it soothing and comfortable, so naturally when the operating system was officially released a few days ago, I chose to buy it and installed it on my VAIO.
    I chose the "Download and upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8"-option, and off it went. In fact it took only 23 minutes to download the entire thing. When the installer was ready I selected the "Keep my files and my apps"-option and again, nothing went wrong. The installer continued and I saw a majority of reboots and successes during the evening of which it all took place.

    SUCCESS and PROFIT - I had Windows 8 Professional.

    "AH!", now you might say, "Why do you say you had no internet if you could download the entire operating system?"
    To which I must reply "Yes. I had internet... and this is the funny bit:
    I updated a few Windows Updates while I loved Windows 8 more and more - when it asked me to reboot. "Sure thing, my new friend", I thought and rebooted the Sony VAIO.

    Now it would appear that my Anti Virus program "ESET SmartSecurity (v." would not update. I thusly checked my browser: "NO INTERNET". I checked my wireless connection: "CONNECTED". The problem had to be somewhere between these two lines. I checked my drivers - well they had just worked 10 minutes ago and were all working in Windows 7. I checked the internet connection with a LAN-cable to my router: "CONNECTED, but NO INTERNET". I checked both connections via "cmd.exe" and wrote "ping".
    It happened to work. I pinged again, however this time to "ping". This timed out. All pings timed out.

    I happened to have just perfectly fine working wireless internet on my other HP set up just left to the connectec-but-no-internet-VAIO, so I spent some times around a lot of forums. I tried to reset the IPv4 and IPv6 connections, I tried new drivers, I tried to disable the AntiVirus Protection. I tried to "forget this wireless network".

    All solutions was unsuccessful.

    Please help me, what would appear to be wrong? The

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    router not compatible with windows 8, need new windows 8 driver or new windows 8 compatible router?
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    Quote Originally Posted by tcman50 View Post
    router not compatible with windows 8, need new windows 8 driver or new windows 8 compatible router?
    Is that really possible? I downloaded the updates already ON Windows 8, so I would think it was internal.
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    Have you update all drivers Device Manger:
    Driver - Install in Device Manager in Windows 8
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    I would try disabling or uninstalling ESET temporarily, then go to network and sharing centre, change adapter settings and disable all network connections, reboot and see whether it connects.
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    Okay. I tried uninstalling ESET. I got a BSOD.

    Yeah, I have tried installing the new drivers with Device Manager and I've even disabled the Windows Kernel Debugging network adapter
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    Guys, all of you, I solemnly LOVE YOU. I have uninstalled ESET and my internet WORKS, thanks!
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    It would even appear that I installed ESET again, now without problems
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    Windows 8

    I have a brand new Lenovo U310. The install on my computer went smoothly. I selected the "Upgrade" option as well and also clicked "keep my files and apps" option. No internet no connections available. Worked fine in Windows 7 before upgrade. I updated the latest firmware and drivers for router and computer. I needed internet so was forced to recover hard drive back to Windows 7. Lost $14.99.
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    Quote Originally Posted by leutnant13 View Post
    It would even appear that I installed ESET again, now without problems
    Glad to hear that you have sorted the problem, Thanks mainly for reporting back your findings.
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Windows 7 to Windows 8 - and no internet.
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