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    Windows 8 Developer Preview release

    Imma trying it from a USB, as I've never done a USB install before.
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    Eight Forums Facebook page

    I am hate Facebook. Social media in general has never really captured my attention. You should set up a Google+ site as well.
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    Windows 8 Developer Preview release

    I wanted to post this, guess I was eight hours late. :P (stupid life) Downloading now, lets see how this kitten purrs.
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    Keep One Change One

    Utter Bull
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    Why Microsoft Is Buying Skype for $8.5 Billion

    I wasn't talking about FaceTime, I was talking about "Location Gate". In a pointed jab fun way.
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    Keep One Change One

    Roof Pitch
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    Keep One Change One

    Spam Can
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    Crysis 2 Beta - How to enable DX10 mode ?

    Still fail on Crytek, everyone else has DX11 now, except for them, the supposed cutting edge leaders. :P
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    Windows 8 Enterprise M3 6.2.7959 has leaked

    I'm waiting for more official, less buggy builds before jumping on this bandwagon. As it is, I'm bleeding edge, but not that bleeding edge.
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    Microsoft switches to Black Screen of Death (BSoD) in Windows 8

    But.... But.... It's not the same!!!!
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    Microsoft Employees Fired Over Windows 8 Leaks

    I can haz job now? For serious, I need employment. :P
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    Why Microsoft Is Buying Skype for $8.5 Billion

    So they can spy on us, or something, you know since Apple is getting in on this game, Microsoft has to follow.
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    New Leaked Windows 8 Screenshot Reveals Some Evolution, Albeit Minor

    Hey davehc, we call it Windows 8 because we don't have any other codename to call it by yet.
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    Directx 12

    Better hair effects. I want my character to have natural moving hair instead of these plastic tops that are common today!
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    New Interface Shown Off, Maybe?

    [iSpyce] Microsoft Shows Off Radical New UI, Could be Used in Windows 8 - - Been wondering if someone else had posted this here. Pretty interesting idea, no?